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Our Services

Schoolhouse Grill offers great tasting alternatives within our Lunch, Breakfast, and Snack Programs. Additionally, we offer Bulk Supply Services to round out the most efficient full featured food service program available. School House Grill will decrease time and worry allocated to your Hot Lunch program while providing your school and parents with the assurance that the students are receiving well balanced and high quality meals on a consistent basis. Our program eliminates the need for faculty or volunteers to bring in lunch and snacks. We are your single point of contact for all of your school food services needs. No more multiple vendors or time consuming errands. We develop all menus, prepare the foods each morning in our state of the art facility, and deliver them to you hot and ready to serve. In most cases we can provide this for less than it will cost to do it yourself.

Bulk Wholesale Supplies

Our extensive bulk supplies offering makes it possible for faculty and volunteers to focus on other important tasks. This service is extended to our customers at lower than or similar to retail cost. The only difference is that we bring it to you within 24 to 48 hours of your order. Whether your school needs plates, paper towels, sanitizer, or countless other products, we have them.

Lunch Program

Our lunch menu includes kid favorites like grilled chicken, pasta with marinara sauce, chicken nuggets, mild chicken fajitas, and Italian meatballs. Entrees are balanced with fresh fruit and vegetables. We use only high quality, fresh ingredients that parents desire and kids will eat. We also offer your choice of regular or chocolate milk. All meal programs offer nutritious, well balanced meals that are healthy and taste great!

Breakfast Program

Our breakfast program is easy to serve and kid friendly, and best of all, it meets all USDA requirements. Our cold breakfast includes low-sugar cereal, muffins, and bagels rotated on a weekly basis. Each served with a side of fresh fruit. Our meal planning system takes all the work out of ordering, stocking and inventory maintenance.

Snack Food Service

The Schoolhouse Grill's Snack Program emphasizes easy to serve healthy choices. Many of our favorites include fresh fruit, bagels, muffins, crackers, cheeses and yogurt. These options are provided to you daily or weekly and are priced at our wholesale prices that will not break the budget.