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Balanced Nutrition

Balanced, Nutritionally Focused Menu

Schoolhouse Grill meets or exceeds all accreditations that are based on the UDSA guidelines for school aged children nutritional requirements. All menu options are prepared to meet the USDA guidelines for school aged children as  setfourth by the USDA Menu Planning for the National School Lunch Program. The Traditional Food-Based Menu Planning Approach is used to assist in development of well balanced meals. Under the Traditional Food-Based Menu Planning Approach, schools must comply with specific component and quantity requirements by offering five food items from four food components. These components are: meat/meat alternate, vegetables and/or fruits, grains/breads, and milk. Minimum portion sizes are established by ages and grade groups.

Food Safety Proven

Schoolhouse Grill is fully permitted by the Virginia Department of Health. Our commercial kitchen facility utilizes the highest quality equipment available to ensure that proper care is taken with food preparation and delivery.      

Budget Friendly

In most cases, Schoolhouse Grill can provide all the benefits for less than it will cost for you to do it yourself. Our most cost effective Hot Lunch Program is our Standard Family Style option. We also offer individually packaged lunch programs and custom menu plans. Our primary focus is providing Quality Foods and Superior Service without the excessive cost.